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Why am I the right Person for YOU?

Not only do I have extensive experience, it includes international meetings, conferences, congresses, consultations and judicial proceedings. This means I am already familiar with translating and interpreting at the international level. I have the skills and the confidence to take on such a role with your organization

I have acquired the necessary skills from well known educational institutions

25 years cumulative experience interpreting, translating and teaching English as a Second Language

I am a dedicated professional in my field, who will be committed to ensuring your organization’s experiences are superior

What can I Interpret?

Bilingual oral conferences – Jury trial witnesses – International meetings, conferences, congresses – Consultations, judicial proceedings, professional and union meetings – Programs and procedures in both official languages pertaining to immigration and citizenship – Excellent experience with due diligence, uncoated groundwood paper and silviculture files. International interpretation and translation experience.

What Kind of Interpreting

Legal – Government – Remote and in person interpreting – Focus Groups – Business – Master of Ceremony for a Citizenship Celebration and Civic Award Ceremony

Facts about me

10 years of experience in translation – 14 years of experience in interpretation – 36 proudly served clients – 67 projects done – 6 different sectors worked


Over the phone Interpretation

Real-time quality interpretation services for continuous  services or for a specific situation requiring fast-acting emergency support. No monthly fees nor minimum commitment.

Consecutive interpretation

When the speaker finishes; the interpreter then interprets the entire message in the target language. Used in courts, conversations, assemblies, conferences etc

Simultaneous Interpretation

The interpreter listens and speaks at the same time and is done for 30 mins then a break occurs. For conferences, assemblies etc


Service 1

Transcribe direct speech on paper for court hearings, focus groups, movies, conferences as well as for business, legal or medical purposes.

Service 2

Exact transcription of speech rendered.

Service 3

Listen to recordings and then transcribe the conversations whether it pertains to business, legal, tourism, marketing and many other topics.


Translation from French to
English/English to French

Translate documents from French to English all while keeping the original meaning and conveying the same shade of meaning.

Professional Transcription

Business, legal and scientific documents can be translated accurately.

General Transcription

Sales, marketing, tourism and general text translation services available.

English Lessons

Conversation and
Vocab Enrichment

Adapted lessons according to the needs of businesses, groups and/or individuals. Greek and Latin roots can even be worked on if desired!

Oral Communication

Interactive approach used while providing vocabulary enrichment.


Grammar and Conversation improvement provided according to the level and needs of either businesses, groups and/or individuals

Who needs my services

Social Clubs

• Business groups
• Rotary
• Lions
• Kiwanis


• Léger Marketing
• Gagné Letarte
• Assembly of First Nations


• Canam Manac
• Genacol
• McDonald’s
• Victor Innovatex

Slide Background

A few of the many valued clients we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Contact Me

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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.



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Charny, Qc, G6X 3S4